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Privacy Policy

As of october 7, 2023

Thank you for choosing to use FaceTicket (“FaceTicket,” “FaceTicket web application,” “we,” or “our”). We believe that your privacy is important, and we are committed to complying with FaceTicket’s privacy policy to respect and protect your privacy rights. FaceTicket has prepared this privacy policy to protect the personal information of all users (“Personal Information”) who contact the web application through FaceTicket (“FaceTicket web application”) as follows:

Collection of Personal Information

1. For the convenience of providing services to all users who visit the FaceTicket web application, we have collected and stored your personal information, including but not limited to:

  • Identity information such as name, photograph, gender, date of birth, nationality.
  • Contact information such as email address and phone number.
  • FaceTicket does not collect credit/debit card numbers.

2. In cases where you sign up/register to become a member or to use any of our services, FaceTicket will collect additional personal information such as your preferences/favorites, interests, and billing address.
3. Furthermore, to study usage patterns that will be beneficial for improving the quality of service, FaceTicket may need to collect additional information, including but not limited to, IP address, browser type, domain name, web page records of the websites you visit, access times, and referring website addresses.
4. FaceTicket recommends that you check the privacy policies of other websites linked from this website to understand how those websites collect, use, or process your personal information. FaceTicket cannot endorse or certify the actions as stated in the privacy policy of those websites, and we are not responsible for any actions taken or not taken in accordance with their privacy policies.

Use of Personal Information

  • FaceTicket will use your personal information only as necessary, such as your name and email address, for contacting you, providing services, communication, or providing information and news, as well as for surveying your opinions about FaceTicket’s activities or events.
  • FaceTicket certifies that it will not sell or disclose your personal information to external parties unless authorized by you.
  • In cases where FaceTicket has hired other organizations to process your personal information, such as for delivering packages by mail, conducting statistical analysis in its operations, or FaceTicket’s activities, FaceTicket will specify that those organizations maintain the confidentiality and security of your personal information and that your personal information shall not be used outside of FaceTicket’s activities or operations.

Your Control Over Personal Information

For your benefit in maintaining your privacy, you have the right to choose whether to allow the use or sharing of your personal information or to receive any marketing information from FaceTicket. You may simply communicate your preferences by providing written notification or through email [email protected]

Data Retention Period: 5 years

Security Measures for Personal Information

To protect your personal information’s confidentiality and security, FaceTicket has established internal regulations to specify the rights to access or use your personal information and to maintain the confidentiality and security of certain important data. FaceTicket has provided secure communication channels for such data by encrypting the data, such as using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Use of Cookies

“Cookies” are data that FaceTicket sends to a user’s web browser, and when such data is installed in your system, it allows the FaceTicket.net website to record or remember your user data until you exit the web browser program or until you delete the “cookies” or do not allow them to function further. If you choose to use “cookies,” you will experience greater convenience in browsing the FaceTicket.net website because “cookies” will help you remember the websites you have visited. FaceTicket will use the data recorded by “cookies” to analyze statistics or for other activities to improve FaceTicket’s service quality.

Updating the Privacy Policy

FaceTicket may update or modify the privacy policy without prior notice. To ensure the appropriateness and efficiency of our services, FaceTicket recommends that users read the privacy policy each time you visit or use the services from the FaceTicket.net website.

Compliance with the Privacy Policy and Contacting FaceTicket

If you have any questions or wish to delete/modify your personal information held by the store, or if you have any feedback or comments regarding our privacy policy or its implementation, Faceticket welcomes inquiries, values suggestions, and appreciates all comments. These will be beneficial for improving our services in the future. You can contact Faceticket at the following:

Email: [email protected] or reach us at:  contact